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I realize that trolling is going to happen in a forum such as Neowin, but let me make myself very clear from the start. Trolling will not be tolerated! This goes for Internet Explorer users coming into the Mozilla/Chrome forums and bashing Firefox/Chrome, and Firefox/Chrome users doing the same in the IE forums, or anyone trolling for any browser. The moderators are going to have a zero tolerance policy against these acts, and will take action as needed, including warnings, restrictions, and bannings if needed.

A typical example of trolling would be:

Question from IE user: I am having a problem with IE loading popups even though the Google toolbar is set to block them, what can I do to fix it?"

Answer from Firefox/Chrome user: Get Firefox/Chrome!

(There are lots of possible examples of trolling, this is only one.)

As always, moderators cannot be everywhere all the time, and cannot read everything posted in these forums. If you see a post which you feel is in violation of this policy or any Neowin rules, please use the report button. This will instantly send a report to the moderators and alert them to the violation.