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  1. Asmodai added a post in a topic Sony posts favourable results for Q1 of FY2015, 3M PS4 units shipped   

    Just out of curiosity what are you thinking comes with that price?
    I really have no idea what Sony is going to charge for it.  I don't think they are going to try to profit from the hardware sales though because they know making it cost too much will kill VR on PlayStation before it even gets started.  I think they'd like to subsidize the cost as much as possible (slight loss on hardware to be made up by software licenses and such... like consoles used to be sold) but given their overall company financials I'm afraid they can't really do that either.  So I suspect they'll sell it for near cost to them but I have no idea what "near cost" is.
    If we look at Oculus the Gear VR which uses a Samsung phone for the screen is $199 so Morpheus, which has to include the screen will likely be more than that for just the headset.  The Oculus Rift DK2 costs $350 and includes the headset and camera and I'd expect Morpheus to be cheaper than that. (the final Oculus Rift may well be cheaper as well but the final version also includes an Xbox One controller so Rift + Camera + Xbox One controller may well be $350-$400).
    Sony won't have to release a controller with Morpheus since PS4 users already have a controller with the system and many VR games (like Eve: Valkyrie) just use the standard controller.  Morpheus also doesn't need to come with a camera since many PS4 users already have the PS4 Camera.  I'd guess the Morpheus headset will be sold separately for around $249 or in a VR bundle with the camera (and maybe a game) for $299.  They'll hopefully also update the Move controllers and sell them separately for VR (though they may well just use the existing PS3 ones as they do currently in demos).
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  2. Asmodai added a post in a topic Capcom's Kitchen VR game on Project Morpheus is the scariest we've ever played   

    I'm with you on this one.  I'm looking forward to Project Morpheus, especially for Eve: Valkyrie but you can count me out on horror games.  I'm sure this is the holy grail for those who do enjoy being terrified though.
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  3. Asmodai added a post in a topic Sony posts favourable results for Q1 of FY2015, 3M PS4 units shipped   

    The PS4 is definitely more front-loaded than the PS3 due to the PS3's extreme launch cost as a result of the Blu-Ray drive and being a year later than the Xbox 360 launch.  The PS3 took a while to start selling well. (price cuts and features chopped to reduce cost).
    I don't recall the PS2 having a slow start though but that was a long time ago and a quick internet search yields this:
    Which has a chart (U.S. only though) that doesn't seem to have a radical increase in sales at any given point. (it has little spikes which roughly align to Christmas I'd image).
    (I tried to embed the actual image of the chart but it just hung, don't know if that's related to the forum update, my work, or what.)
    Depending on how Project Morpheus is received I could see it giving the PS4 a further bump over the PS2 in aligned sales (and even if Morpheus tanks I don't think it will hurt PS4 sales in general).  Personally I think the major issue with the PS4 catching the PS2 is the PS4 won't sell as well for as long just due to this generation likely being shorter than the PS2s. The PS2s continued to sell well into the PS3s generation in part because of the poor PS3 launch performance.
    I'm confident the PS4 will outsell the Xbox 360 and PS3 which are both currently around 85m lifetime (#4 and #5 home consoles - but still being sold) but I'm not so sure it will catch the top 3 (PS2, PS, and Wii).  Even catching the PS and Wii which are about 102m lifetime would be a huge accomplishment though.  Catching the PS2 at > 155m may be a bridge too far.
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  4. Asmodai added a post in a topic You Might (One Day) Be Able To Stream PC Games To An Xbox One   

    The practical use would be for Windows 10 gamers who have nice gaming rigs that have superior hardware specs to current gen consoles but have their rigs set up in a bedroom or office to stream their games to the living room TV with the Xbox One.  As a PC gamer first myself and with a PC that's more powerful than either console I'm FAR more interested in this then I am streaming an Xbox One game on, running on it's comparatively weak hardware, to my much more capable Windows 10 PC.  There are a lot of PC games that don't even have console versions (just as there are console games without PC versions) so this would enable you to play those games in your living room on the Xbox One.
    Intel Widi is a specific implementation, this is a capability for a piece of hardware.  In fact maybe MS will choose to use Intel Widi as their streaming technology to enable this capability, maybe they'll use something else.  If they DO choose the particular implementation of Intel Widi then this headline could very well be "Microsoft adds Intel Widi support to Xbox One".  It's the super early days here so people aren't really talking about how exactly they are going to make it work, what specific implementation (Widi or other) they would use, etc.  Right now the talk to just if Xbox One will support streaming from PCs at all.
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  5. Asmodai added a post in a topic You Might (One Day) Be Able To Stream PC Games To An Xbox One   

    I don't know why it couldn't be pull off with good performance.  A gaming PC has much more capable hardware than the Xbox One so if the Xbox One can stream to a Win10 box then I don't see why a Win10 box that meets some basic hardware specs wouldn't be able to stream to an Xbox One.  If the PC has hardware to encode H.264 video (most modern GPUs do) then the Xbox One has hardware to receive and decode it (it already does this for Blu-Ray movies, Netflix videos, etc.)  They'll probably cap the resolution/framerate of the stream due to bandwidth issues but it may very well work at 1080p@60fps since that isn't crazy high for modern PCs and is at least as good as native Xbox One games.  Once you have the PC screen (which btw doesn't even need to be a game, if you want to stream your desktop to run word in the living room off your Xbox One you should be able to do that too) streamed as video across the network to the Xbox One all that remains is sending the inputs (mouse/keyboard/gamepad) back.  It sounds like the issue right now is just Xbox One lacks complete mouse/keyboard support.
    "kill Steambox"??? Steambox isn't exactly a roaring success as it is.  I don't think this would make it go away because some of the people using it are doing so just to avoid MS products (steam on linux) and Valve would likely keep it around because it's their hedge in the long term in the event that versions of windows where you can only buy from the MS Store (such as less than 8" screen devices for Win10) become the dominant platform.  That may never happen but if it does they want to have an option to take their users elsewhere if the MS Store restricts apps that sell other apps (which is commonly done now) which would effective ban Steam from Windows.  Unlikely as it may be they just don't want to get caught with their pants down so they'll just drag Steambox along on life support as an insurance policy.  Unless MS does block Steam don't expect Valve to put a TON of effort into Steambox, but don't expect it to go away either.
    Buying and Xbox One ONLY to receive streams from a PC is extremely expensive.  If Win10 supports streaming games like that MS should launch a streaming device with minimal hardware to receive the PC stream for much cheaper than $300, like in the $99 range.  It doesn't take much hardware to decode a stream and send input (which is why Sony's PlayStation Now works on TVs for example).  Also Win10 to a dedicated streaming device could use H.265 which is becoming common on phone hardware but the Xbox One (and PS4) lack hardware decode for.  This would result in lower bandwidth streams for the same resolution or higher resolution/framerate streams at the same bandwidth.
    I don't think it will make a big difference for competing consoles.  The big gain here is for PC gamers with gaming rigs that play games better than the Xbox One or PS4.  One interesting thing though is some of the "Sony console exclusive" games like Street Fighter V are also coming to PC.  So with this you could stream Street Fighter V from your PC to your Xbox One and get around the "exclusive" in a way.

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  6. Asmodai added a post in a topic Windows 10 'Service Release 1' expected to roll out next month   

    Line 1:
    1. The Windows Insider Program has nothing to do people who buy or upgrade to the RELEASE version.  It is reasonable to require telemetry data for people who opt-in to testing pre-release versions of the OS. It is not reasonable to REQUIRE telemetry data from release versions in the opinion of many.  At the very least it something people should be made aware of and make up their own minds on.
    2. Again, the average Joe who updates from Win7 to Win10 probably has no idea what Cortana is or how it works.  No one is saying you can't disable Cortana to prevent that particular privacy concern.  The image was to make you aware that if you don't disable it what type of data is being shared.
    3. It does save your Wifi Password on your Skype or Outlook accounts on the Microsoft servers.  The Microsoft Servers are on the internet so when it's saving the data it IS sending it over the internet.  Just as if Facebook sharing is enabled it IS sending your wifi password over the internet to facebook's servers.
    Line 2:
    1.  I'm not going to argue with you about what someone else doesn't like.  Ask him yourself if you like.  If he doesn't care at all though why would he put that image in the picture and why specifically call out via the red underline "we'll" in the part about MS turning it back on.
    2. It would not be pointless and dangerous for EVERY non-Enterprise user to do.  I agree it would be bad for it default to off but there are very security knowledgeable WIndows users who may want to disable this setting for various reasons.  They may apply the updates manually and need to do compatibility testing.  They may very well have just one PC and work from home so be running the Pro version of Windows for example.  By all means default to auto-update but if someone goes to the settings to explicitly disable it then the OS should support and respect that.  The people who this would be the most dangerous for aren't people who go flipping switches in OS settings dialogs.
    3. It specifically says "can use your location."  Yes it uses your location to find out if your near a known wifi hotspot.  No one is refuting why it's used but once they have the data they have it.  If you don't care that's fine but Windows hasn't historically collected your location information so this may be a big deal to others.
    Line 3:
    1. SKIP!
    2. Most users coming to Win10 will be coming from Win7.  Win8 didn't sell well at all.  The ads are new to them.  Solitaire has come with Windows since Windows 3 I believe and didn't have ads from then through Windows 7.  I don't know if it did or didn't in Windows 8 so if you say it did then I believe you but again Windows 8 flopped so most people aren't aware of what it did or didn't do.
    3. covered!
    Line 4:
    1. Seriously!?!  He's not showing How EASY it is, the fact the picture is so big and confusing only underscores how hard it is to try and find all of the various privacy options burried in the settings.  To quote Alec Meer, of gaming website Rock Paper Shotgun: "There is no world in which 45 pages of policy documents and opt-out settings split across 13 different Settings screens and an external website constitutes ‘real transparency’.”
    2. Again Microsoft is doing the exact same thing.  Their privacy policy is changing effective Aug. 1st:
    Would you like to try again?
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  7. Asmodai added a post in a topic Windows 10 'Service Release 1' expected to roll out next month   

    Your opinion is noted, thank you for sharing.
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  8. Asmodai added a post in a topic Windows 10 'Service Release 1' expected to roll out next month   

    At least as much as you do.  Furthermore the comment I was responding to from you was you directly quoting me so if your responding to me then sure that makes my opinion relevant.  If you don't care what I have to say then don't quote me and act like YOU speak for the masses.
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  9. Asmodai added a post in a topic Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger   

    Neither the UI options nor using GPE COMPLETELY disable sending telemetry data to Microsoft on non-Enterprise versions of the OS.  I wouldn't say the settings do nothing as they do reduce the amount of telemetry data sent but they do not completely disable it.
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  10. Asmodai added a post in a topic Windows 10 'Service Release 1' expected to roll out next month   

    Let's go over these screenshots...Line 1:
    1. The issue is with Feedback Options not frequency.  He clearly isn't happy about it defaulting to "Full Health and Performance" and it's not clear (from that shot) if there is an option to opt out COMPLETELY or just downgrade to the "Basic option" the text mentions below the choice.
    2. Cortana is new to Windows and many people don't know what it is or how it works.  I think he's just trying to point out that it collects all that underlined information.
    3. It DOES share with Microsoft if it is sharing with them via Skype or Outlook Contacts.  Those are MS servers and the passwords are stored there.  Just like it shares it with Facebook if you opt to share via Facebook contacts.
    4. You completely skipped the fact you can't disable the Telemetry data unless you're an Enterprise user.
    Line 2:
    1. Some people don't like the idea of the OS automatically turning options on... especially after you explicitly turned them off.
    2. Same as above, except in this case you can't turn updates off completely at all.
    3. Again, as with Cortana in 2 from line 1 many people don't know what Wifi Sense is, it's brand new, and they don't realize that it's accessing your contacts or location information.
    Line 3:
    1. Got me on that one.  I'm not going to try to crop out that one image though so there it is.
    2. Who cares if you have it enabled? I don't think the average user is aware that Windows 10 is now serving ads.  That's a big deal to some some people.  Like how Solitaire is now a Freemium app as well.  If it's not a big deal to others that's fine but people should be aware of what they're agreeing to.
    3. Sync is NOT just what you manually put in your OneDrive folder.  For example your BitLocker key is automatically "backed up" to OneDrive if you decide to use Encryption.  That means MS has your key to decrypt whatever you felt was important enough to encrypt WITHOUT you having manually copied anything to OneDrive.
    4.  I'm not even sure what you're calling 4 on line 3.... the image isn't exactly pefect lines and what is to the right of the Sync image is stuff covered in the previous lines.
    Line 4
    1. That one is the General Privacy options.  Privacy is the topic of the image in general and it's showing you where and what those settings are.  I would have put this one first had I made the image so it's odd it's just randomly put on line 4 but the image isn't exactly laid out nicely.  I think he just threw it together quickly and put them in the order he happened to screen capture them in.  He tweeted later with a better formatted one that added the EULA text but the first image was sufficient to make people aware of the potential issues.
    2. Microsoft has done a lot of PR making fun of what Google does with respect to privacy.  So people don't assume MS is doing the same type of things.  It's new to Windows to behave that way and most users aren't aware... thus the image pointing it out.  So yeah, I'm not going to defend Google because their privacy behavior IS horrible but MS used to be MUCH better, now apparently they're becoming just as bad, great!
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  11. Asmodai added a topic in Computer Gaming   

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  12. Asmodai added a post in a topic Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger   

  13. Asmodai added a post in a topic Sony posts favourable results for Q1 of FY2015, 3M PS4 units shipped   

    Wow, the PS4 sold more than double the COMBINED Xbox 360 & Xbox One sales?!?  I believe the entire quarter was with the $50 cheaper Xbox One price as well.
    According to the wikipedia 25.3m sales puts the PS4 above the LIFETIME sales of the original Xbox (24m) in under 2 years (it already passed the Nintendo GameCube, Sega Master System, and Sega Dreamcast).  Next up, the Atari 2600 at 30m lifetime sales and N64 at 32.93m, both likely attainable by it's 2 year anniversary in Nov.
    Yup, console gaming is dead.
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  14. Asmodai added a post in a topic US Navy: Rail Gun sea trial 2016   

    No it's not "line of site only".  In fact from the OP's quote:
    "Its a naval surface fire support demonstration, the Navys first to engage an over the horizon target [with a railgun], Capt. Mike Ziv, NAVSEAs program manager directed energy and electronic warfare program office told attendees at the Navy Leagues Sea-Air-Space 2015 Exposition."
    It still a projectile and this still effected by gravity.  As such they can arc the shot so that it drops down over the horizon.
    You are correct though that it's unguidable once launched but that doesn't matter for non-moving targets with correct targeting info and even for moving targets due to it's extreme speed it arrives on target before most targets will have moved much.  You are also correct that it requires enormous amounts of electrical energy but the U.S. Navy has sufficient capacity on their ships.  Having electrical generators and inert ammunition is seen as superior to having a stockpile of high explosives on the ships.
    The Navy is also planning to upgrade it's 30 kw laser to between 100 and 150 kw.
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  15. Asmodai added a post in a topic PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection: August 2015   

    One of the better months indeed.
    I used to be a huge Tomb Raider fan and I had all of them up to Temple of Osiris but I refuse to buy any future Crystal Dynamics games as a result of the Tomb Raider Xbox One timed-exclusivity.  Getting Temple of Osiris with PS+ is great as it means I get to complete my collection without having to give Crystal Dynamics any money.  Maybe one day "Rise of..." will hit PS+ as well.
    It's also nice to see a solid AAA PS3 game return in God of War: Ascension and it's the only God of War game I'm missing.
    Those two alone make it a great month for me, everything else is just a nice bonus.
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