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  1. Pekka added a post in a topic Upgrading to Windows 10 from 8.1 Technet key?   

    I would think that if the machine is showing as activated then according to Microsoft server you are in fact activated as genuine.
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  2. Pekka added a post in a topic Whats your biggest Windows 10 bugbears?   

    In a completely strange turn of events the automatic and somewhat controversial windows update system seems to have just cured my bugbares.
    I have just had installed without any input from myself the "Lenovo Companion" application, which in turn installed "SystemInterfaceFoundation.exe" via a Lenovo Software Download website visited after opening Lenovo Companion. As a result, my two-finger scrolling is back using my trackpad and perhaps somewhat unrelated my weather tile is now showing the weather for my current location.
    The two-finger scrolling is a little jumpy, like a scatter brained two year old but, I have the functionality back at least. I'm now going to trawl through the app a little and find out what its all about. This was on a Lenovo G50-45 with the AMD A8-6410 and R5 graphics.
    Even though I am certainly not a Windows man, I would say to those with issues to give it the full month before reverting back to your previous installation just to ensure that these little annoyances don't get seen to pretty quickly. As for forced windows updates, my experience so far has saved me the bother of trawling the internet to look for fixes and app to download so that cant really be a bad thing in my case on this system.
    edit: 2 finger context menu also! How good is that
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  3. Pekka added a post in a topic Changes with the IPB4 upgrade   

    I like bbcode, we have used it for years and its worked for years. Why change it, it gives a level of html customisation without opening the server to some html code based attacks.
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  4. Pekka added a post in a topic Could I Convert?   

    When in comes to converting from Mac OS or Windows to Linux. You have to ask yourself why you are thinking of converting. I have used Linux as a primary operating system well before the *buntu's came to light during the days of Mandrake, SuSE and RedHat (non-enterprise). Since then Linux has improved immensely in every aspect and becomes more and more viable as a daily use operating system.
    But and there is always a but, when it comes to gaming Linux is still lacking in relation to other Operating Systems available. With the introduction of Steam for Linux gaming is moving forward on Linux platforms at an incredible rate, however it still depends on developers recoding aspects of there games to make them work on Linux. The games I play on Linux natively through Steam are mainly indie games, FTL, Binding of Isaac : Rebirth with few bigger titles such as TF2, FM2015. Graphics drivers are slowly getting better on Linux with thanks to Valve, but as it stands. You need to investigate and research thoroughly, there are plenty of resources out there with information on games that run well on Steam for Linux and through Wine, however in my opinion using Wine isn't a great option.
    Even some games on Linux require a little messing around with configurations to get running well. The fact that your main requirements are gaming, you will probably be better off staying a Windows user and playing with Linux either on a secondary source or through a virtual machine for the time being
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  5. Pekka added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Whats your biggest Windows 10 bugbears?
    I only have a couple to be honest that I have come across so far, Live tiles are not neither live nor accurate... I cant get the weather tile to show a location other than London, which is only a few hundred miles away from my current location. But my biggest irritation is my ELAN Touchpad (Synaptics) not allowing for two finger scrolling. It is really becoming an annoyance now, but hopefully drivers will be updated in due course. What about you, what things have you come across that annoy you. Now I'm not talking about failed installs or error codes, those are bugs not bugbears.  
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  6. Pekka added a post in a topic Hi techies :P   

    You have the option in settings to revert back to your old version of windows which lasts 30 days, so give it a while to play with 10 and make sure everything you want is working fine. After 30 days the option to revert is removed
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  7. Pekka added a post in a topic Edge or Previous Browser?   

    I'm running with Edge for now, its not perfect but I am giving it an honest real life test at the moment before running elsewhere.
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