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  1. Jeston added a post in a topic I've upgraded 7 machines to Windows 10. How many have you?   

    I've done my 3 desktops, my SP3, and my friend's Windows 7 laptop. The laptop hadn't installed updates since 2011(!?) so I had to spend a couple days updating it before I could start the Windows 10 upgrade. Went smooth though.
    My main desktop was having problems shutting down with fast startup enabled and I couldn't track down the problem, so ended up clean installing after a couple days. Luckily I was anticipating doing a clean install of Windows 10 on it anyway, so I didn't have very much installed on it yet. All are running like a dream now.
    Perhaps not coincidentally, my SP3 was the only device that upgraded right away through Windows update, the rest I didn't feel like waiting and used the Media Creation tool method.
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  2. Jeston added a post in a topic Windows 10 "upgrade" but actually clean install   

    Uhh, that's what I said... He can't just go straight to Windows 10 and activate it using his current key. He needs to start back at Windows 7 then upgrade that.
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  3. Jeston added a post in a topic Windows 10 "upgrade" but actually clean install   

    Windows 10 won't accept your old Windows product keys. You need to install Windows 7, then do the upgrade. Then you can clean install to your heart's content after the key has been associated with the Windows 10 upgrade.
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  4. Jeston added a post in a topic Potential Glitch or Exploit on Front Page News   

    Thanks. We're already looking into this.
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  5. Jeston added a post in a topic IPB4 upgrade announcement   

    Things are looking good so far
    Will there be tweaks done after things are settled and done converting, etc? Things like showing the OP at the top of every page (I think this was in the last upgrade too and was removed) and the reply box saying "Answer this question..." What if I just want to join the discussion and not necessarily answer the question?!
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