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  1. Geoffrey B. added a post in a topic Glary Utilities   

    Just just grabbed the update, i wish they would fix their update processes, there are three different places it tells you about updates and each one does the update a different way.
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  2. Geoffrey B. added a post in a topic [BUG] Cannot sign in on Mobile Site.   

    Excellent that did the trick,  I was starting to think it was my phone. 
    Made this reply from said phone
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  3. Geoffrey B. added a topic in Site & Forum Issues   

    [BUG] Cannot sign in on Mobile Site.
    I have been unable to sign into the Mobile site since the update. When I try to sign in from the main page it tells me that the page it is looking for does not exist. And when i try to sign in from the Forums page i cannot click login. If i try it expands the search box that is under the login button. I have attached a picture of this.
    I am running The latest release build of Chrome on Android 5.1

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  4. Geoffrey B. added a post in a topic I like Windows 10 and all that, but ...   

    They really hid the settings for screen savers in Windows 10, 
    Go to Settings | Personalization | Lock Screen | all way at the bottom there is an option for Screen Saver Settings which opens the old Screen saver dialog box.
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