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  1. Anibal P added an answer to a question Forums Broken on Chrome   

    From another thread turn off the useless  HTTPS everywhere app, all it does is break things, including the forum 
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  2. Anibal P added a post in a topic Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger   

    turn the feature off and quit complaining, it is NOT a "keylogger" stop spreading FUD it's pathetic 
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  3. Anibal P added a post in a topic What application(S) replaces paint?   

    What's wrong with Paint? Even win 10 still has it be default 
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  4. Anibal P added a post in a topic µMatrix: a better NoScript/µBlock/Ghostery   

    Pretty much the main problem with apps like this they ALWAYS break more than they fix and for them to "work" you either disable it or set it to be so permissive it's just wasting space 
    Gave up on junk apps like this a long time ago, only one I use is an ad blocker as long as it allows whitelisting 
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