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  1. BudMan added an answer to a question Cloud backup - doubts   

    crashplan allows you select which folders get backed up..  You don't have to backup subfolders... For example I backup my documents folder, but inside this folder I have folders that are just junk and large stuff that I don't backup.
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  2. BudMan added a post in a topic Is there a way to reorg the forum sections?   

    I don't mind the guidelines - I agree they should be right at the top..  But they take up the whole freaking screen on my laptop that is at 1366x768 and as you saw in my screenshot I don't have lots of toolbars like most users..  they have to be able to be tightened up a bit..  Its going to suck going into section and scrolling down to even see the most recent post.
    Guess I could turn it on its side and work in portrait mode vs landscape.
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  3. BudMan added a post in a topic Is there a way to reorg the forum sections?   

    I normally would wait a few weeks before even mention something like this, but on the road this week and got a few minutes trying to catch up on my neowin fix and just not liking the layout is all.
    Going to be a learning curve for sure - or will have to just zoom way way out on the page   But then the fonts get wonky.
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  4. BudMan added a topic in Site & Forum Issues   

    Is there a way to reorg the forum sections?
    Before there was favorites that could pretty much have the different forums in the order you wanted.  So I had the sections I frequent all in one section didn't have to scroll all over the place to browse around..
    Not really liking the layout - I am viewing it on my laptop, and res is not all that high.. But just seems freaking HUGE... Lots of scrolling to move about to different areas.  The guidelines for a section take up half the screen..
    Take that back
    The whole freaking screen on my laptop

    That makes it very scrolly to have see the posts in a section.
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  5. BudMan added an answer to a question Iperf 3.1b3 Windows build   

    well I built the 32 bit versions the other day, but on neowin was down.  And now I am on the road - prob have to wait til I get back home to post them up.
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  6. BudMan added an answer to a question Wireless Chipset Poll 2015-2016   

    My point exactly!!!
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  7. BudMan added an answer to a question Wireless Chipset Poll 2015-2016   

    They have to know what router they have to look it up   that is the hard part..
    Why not just ask what router is their fav, or brand of wifi card if they buy usb dongles, etc..  To be honest I find it highly unlikely for any user other than ones that build their own to even have a clue to what wifi card is in it.  And to be honest - desktops normally don't even need wifi.. Desktops should be WIRED plain and simple -- not like you move them around   You think users are picking their laptop based upon the chip maker of the wifi in it?  ###### - they would be lucky to know if supports 5ghz or AC..  Ask them how many streams their wifi card can do ROFL
     If a user has to look up in your wiki link what chip is in their router - then they clearly did not base their purchase upon the hardware inside the black box they bought.  They bought it on what brand they perceive to be better, or what was on sale or the idiot at the computer store told they needed, etc. etc.. 
    So asking what chip maker is their fav or best is completely pointless..  Other than the brand intel I would be surprised if any real portion of users even know those brands.  Unless they had problems with one and somebody told them it was crap
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  8. BudMan added an answer to a question Wireless Chipset Poll 2015-2016   

    You really think that 95% of users have a clue to who makes the chips inside their router?? Or their computer?  You be lucky if they could tell you what brand it is, model - good luck   As to computers your lucky if they can tell you Apple or not Apple..
    Good luck with your poll - there is no possible way the info here would be of any use to anyone that is for sure.
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