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  1. LogicalApex added a post in a topic Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger   

    Nice story, but Microsoft's Privacy Policy says that this isn't anonymous data collection. It is, in fact, tied to the user account directly...
    But I guess the lawyers don't understand how it works?
    As I stated above, the Privacy Policy states clearly that this is not anonymous data collection. That it is, in fact, tied to the user's account. MS claims to attempt to scrub it of certain data, but they aren't clear how they scrub it or any of those details...
    But I guess MS' General Counsel doesn't have a clue?
    Source: Windows Privacy Policy
    I tend to trust the legal contracts more than random Twitter posts.
    Can we move on to a discussion of the shift in Windows away from user privacy? And stop splitting hairs on the privacy reduction?
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  2. LogicalApex added a post in a topic Edge or Previous Browser?   

    Tried it for about 5 minutes and it crashed at least 4 times. I'll stick to Firefox for the foreseeable future.
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  3. LogicalApex added a post in a topic Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger   

    This is why I am confused about the need for this feature. If you turn on Cortana I would expect certain amounts of privacy reduction as that is the nature of the feature, but this is separate from Cortana. This is recording your text and speech even with Cortana turned off. As I'm requested to enable Cortana after installation. Cortana isn't enabled by default, but this is.
    No one said Microsoft wants your banking details, but they do want details. Irrespective of what Microsoft wants a system wide recording of keystrokes and voice data should be concerning to people. Even if Microsoft has no intention of doing "bad" things with the data (which I am sure they don't intend to do "bad" things) you're left wondering about the risks in face of the recent high profile hacking cases. Even ignoring the hacking scenario... I think it is a very large step in the wrong direction for MS to, by default, record such a wide berth of user data. The majority of users don't change the defaults and without them making use of things like Cortana this seems like a strong sign of how Microsoft intends to make back the "free" Windows 10 upgrade costs (by trying to rival Google in the ad revenue department due to their attempt at a richer profile of the user... Google gets search and browsing... Microsoft gets every typed and spoken word).
    Since everyone keeps saying this isn't a keylogger... Please, enlighten me to the definition of a Keylogger... A keylogger doesn't have to be malicious, it just needs to record key strokes.
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  4. LogicalApex added a post in a topic Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger   

    What does Google and Apple have to do with this? Obviously, if they do so then it is a problem for them as well... The topic is Windows 10, which is obviously a MS product, but that doesn't mean I think this is a good practice if anyone else does it.

    But for some reason we can't have discussions anymore. It is always reduced to brand loyalty as a way to deflect or minimize.

    Microsoft spent years branding against this practice with its Scroogled campaign...
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  5. LogicalApex added a post in a topic Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger   

    How so? A Keylogger is a program that captures key-presses...
    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keystroke_logging
    It is a keylogger... Obviously, I don't think Microsoft aims to log into you bank account using the data, but it is an important thing to discuss at any rate... From a privacy perspective it is worthy of a question.
    I'd disagree... Discussing the loss of privacy and the implications of a keylogger in the OS is valid. Especially with the extent and frequency of recent data breaches. It is a valid discussion. How does Microsoft limit its data collection? Do they tie it to user accounts? What do they do to limit capturing of passwords and usernames and the like. Again, worthy of a discussion as this is a major shift for the computing industry...
    But I do understand that discussions can often be hard to have. Judging by the lack of one here. I'll just conclude that privacy is a non-issue. At least among the crowd here...
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  6. LogicalApex added a post in a topic Weird activation issue and odd product ID.   

    Looks like Windows 10 is free all around...
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  7. LogicalApex added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Windows 10 Privacy - Keylogger
    I know this was an issue that came up many times during the Insider Preview stage and it was swatted down as a "Beta only" deal from Microsoft. This was widely touted as not sticking around for RTM.
    I obtained the RTM build from MSDN to install a tester VM and I am greeted with the same reality in Windows 10 RTM. Why is Microsoft recording typed text by default? This is a major privacy drop for Windows. This coupled with automatic BitLocker key backups to OneDrive and you're left wondering if MS has any care left for privacy and security in Windows.
    I'm not wanting a flame filled topic, but a clear discussion of this forward march for Windows. Easy access to your BitLocker recovery key can greatly aid state actors in accessing your data even when you've used Window's Built In encryption. This is, essentially, a sharing of your encryption key. A major problem. Additionally, enabling the recording of text and speech by default is very troubling. I could understand if MS enabled features limited to Cortana when you've enabled Cortana with a clear explanation of what is being collected and why, but this is at the install screen for the entire OS. Additionally, I'm not a Windows Insider and I'm using the MSDN provided RTM ISO shared by MS directly.
    For the privacy focused like myself I can't help but see Windows 10 as a major step in the wrong direction.

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