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  • Interests --Likes--<br />* Proclaiming our Savior<br />* PC games (FPS)<br />* Webpage Building<br />* Listening to music<br />* Photoshop CS3<br />* uTorrent ;)<br />* POSTING ON NEOWIN<br />* Submitting to dA<br />* Being Homeschooled<br />* Signature Creation<br /><br />--Dislikes--<br />* Homework<br />* Windows 98 AND Vista!!<br />* Sony Vaio Laptops<br /><br />--Music--<br />I am listening to<br />* Evanescence (always)<br />* Dead Poetic<br />* Yalowcard<br />* Skillet<br />* Mims<br />and a TON on others!<br /><br />--Firefox all the way!--<br /><br />--My System--<br />P4 3.0HT <br />3GB of ram <br />1.6TB of hdd space accumulatively<br />Radeon X1300Pro Video Card<br />21" Dell monitor <br />Logitech S 510 KBD<br />Logitech MX1000 Mouse<br />Windows XP Pro!<br /><br />--Playing--<br />UT2007<br />Crysis<br />COD4<br />Halo Multiplayer<br />FlatOut2<br />Portal<br /><br />--Watching--<br />Everything I can get my hands on<br /><br />--Sites I visit every day--<br />Neowin.net (FIRST!)<br />TechEBlog.com<br />MovieX.com<br />ChristianTorrents.com<br />DeviantArt.com<br /><br />--Personal Links--<br />www.sacrificials.deviantart.com<br />www.michaelgriswold.com<br /><br />--I now do MSN and IRC!--

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