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  1. added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Windows 10 Forced Driver Updates - not sure it's actually so
    Hi all,
    Had been reading all the fuss over Windows 10 (and Home edition in particular) forcing updates to be installed rather than giving the user a choice and have just got round to installing myself.
    (i) Microsoft has now released a tool to stop updates; believe it's real purpose is to stop the install of updates that cause problems (believe you have to specifically exclude each update one by one)
    (ii) Haven't tried Home edition but the Education edition (aka Enterprise) includes the age old ability to choose the behaviour for driver updates. Don't see why this wouldn't be included in all editions, sure someone can confirm? Basically, System - Advanced system settings - Hardware - Device installation settings
    Thus if you like, Windows Update won't force the update of device drivers which is most of the outcry. Other updates, sure there's the chance of them breaking something and that's very real but since they will be tested by insiders first (ie. a large group outside of Microsoft) the possibility of severe issues has to be reduced. Ideally, users (and all users) should have the choice, but I don't think it's so bad as most are making out.
     What do others think and where you aware of that setting (ii above)?
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  2. added a post in a topic Buy Windows 10 Pro for $2 in Microsoft store?   

    From what I've read Windows 10 Upgrades are tied to your Microsoft Account and your hardware setup so it doesn't matter how you do the install once your log into your Microsoft Account then it will activate.
    Not sure how it will work if you have multiple keys though, eg. same hardware, same Microsoft Account, install Windows 7/8 with key 1 and do Win10 upgrade, wipe, install Windows 7/8 with key 2 and do upgrade, wipe, install Windows 7/8 with key 3 and do upgrade. Would three licences then be tied to your Microsoft Account? Would you be able to use on different computers (or only the same hardware)?
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  3. added a post in a topic Upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 moved my files   

    Believe it's the same, are the files set to hidden perhaps?
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