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    Clean install for Windows 10?
    So I haven't seen this outlined specifically, and I have an idea but I'd like some verification from folks as I'm currently at work.
    So the way I understand it, is if I'm running Windows 7 or Windows 8, I would do the following:
    Upgrade Windows 7/8 in place to Windows 10 using the Windows Update mechanismBoot into Windows 10 and then extract the product key I now have assignedReinstall Windows 10 from scratch and use that product key that I extracted from my 'upgrade' install.OR
    Get the Win10 ISO from MicrosoftBoot off of USB and enter the key from Windows 7/8Do a clean installWill the second method work? Has anybody verified?
    Appreciate any thoughts or comments, I'll modify my post as we get verifications from the users here!
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