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  1. George P added a post in a topic Microsoft is bringing DVR functionality to the Xbox One, stream to any Windows 10 device   

    I get that it's possible, but one, TiVo isn't around anymore iirc, second buying a cable card and building a Media Center PC/HTPC is something cable companies can't stop you from doing because they legally can't block cable cards, though I think they tried to?  It's been so long now I can't remember the details.
    And lastly, like you said, the HDMI in is just video pass through, it's not a cable card decoder, your cable tv box still controls things and handles decoding etc, they'll not want to allow this to happen, they'll complain to MS and who knows what else, they'd much rather you use their VoD services and not DVR their shows.
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  2. George P added a post in a topic "Settings" versus "Control Panel": Which done do you prefer?   

    I understand what you're saying, some things like the ones you've listed don't have to be added to the new Settings app, Event Viewer and so on, those can stay apps, and they don't have to be modern/RT apps though even if they were WinRT has a level of overlap with Win32 API wise so I don't think they'd lose functionality, and nothing says the new UI changes wouldn't work.  But then again, they don't have to be modern/RT apps, they can stay as they are, just updated to match the rest of the systems UI.
    And as for your 2nd point, I agree, the Settings app needs more work/options in different parts but that's not a limit of the app itself and more the way they added things.  Nothing stops them from adding more sorting and info options into the Apps list for example.
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  3. George P added a post in a topic "Settings" versus "Control Panel": Which done do you prefer?   

    I don't agree, lots of these popup dialog boxes that have been around scattered in Windows since 95 need to go.  I mean why are the taskbar settings in their own dialog window?  Why are other things in their own windows for that matter?   Everything should be in the settings app, with the really advanced things maybe tossing up a new window if they have to (because the settings app, at least in this version is a bit limited).   I think things like Administrator tools aren't a issue if they become new modern apps, they've always been apps and not as much a part of control panel to begin with.   But take for example the Services tool,  that can be added to the settings app, it's nothing that advanced, it's just a list of services, who they're from and with the option to enable, disable or set to manual, it's doable with much fuss IMO.
    Another tool is device manager, again, it's just a list of your hardware, you can just as well have that list displayed in the Settings app to, with options to check for driver updates and to either enable or disable/uninstall something, also fits just fine in the Settings app.   Some of the other things would have to stay as apps, but that's not an issue in the end, as long as they're updated and have nice new UIs, not like Event Viewer for example.

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  4. George P added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Windows 10 RTM Discussion - Build Number 10.0.10240   

    I agree that the level of polish isn't there yet but on the other hand, unlike with older versions of windows, we're not going to get a new one 3 years from now, there's a service update (basically more bug fixing) coming this month and another bigger update in the fall, probably October.   After that, the rumors say, June for the first really big redstone update, if true, and it's really a whole new build of the OS with some new stuff, then you can expect even more polish to the UI.
    I think by this time next year all the issues will be worked out and the polish to the UI will be there overall.
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  5. George P added an answer to a question Lumia 640 vs 640XL: your suggestion?   

    I'd go with the XL personally because I want the bigger screen, poor eyesight on my part.  You should stop by a shop and see how the 640 and 640XL feel in your hand before you make a final choice on which one to get.
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  6. George P added a post in a topic Windows 10 is installed on 18.5 million machines   

    I wouldn't worry about developer support at this stage,  so far OEMs are all jumping on, and hardware partners are moving fast with new driver updates, something that took them forever with Vista for example (part of the reason it had a bad release itself).    I still expect to see 10 installed on around 500million devices by this time next year.
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  7. George P added a post in a topic Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PC in early 2016, PS4 in holiday 2016   

    Not every game has the same budget, some can make money with 1million, some need 5million or more, I'm sure the game made money, just later in it's life compared to at the start which probably didn't help SE bottom line for that quarter so they complained about it.  It doesn't help matters when it's a title that's multiplatform and has a higher budget just from the fact it's going to be released on 5 systems instead of 1 or 2-3.
    In the end of the day, I can live with timed exclusives for 3rd party games compared to full exclusivity, I'm in no mad rush to play things on day 1, I played the first tomb raider 4-5 months after it's release, I haven't gotten the new Batman game yet and it's one I want to play.  I can wait, and in many cases waiting helps, specially if something is a buggy mess on day one.

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  8. George P added a post in a topic Xbox Games with Gold: August 2015   

    Good thing I didn't grab GZ, I think it was on sale at one point on Steam but I held off, now I can get it on the XB1 for free.
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  9. George P added a post in a topic You Might (One Day) Be Able To Stream PC Games To An Xbox One   

    They're not going to let it work with Steam, MS doesn't care as much but they'd rather not do it and Valve would rather you buy into their steam box and not buy a XB1 so they're not going to do it from their side.
    In the end I don't mind if it's limited to Xbox Live enabled games, do the steam streaming from PC to TV support games from Origin or uPlay and so on? I think even that only works with Steam supported games, so MS's way of doing it would be no different in that regard.
    Another thing, if the Windows Store can add more and more AAA XBL supported games to it with the ability to cross-buy, cross-play then I'd buy them, specially if I have the ability to not only stream going both ways between my PC and my XB1 but even better, pick up the same game from one where I left it on the other through the cloud save and sync features.
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  10. George P added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Windows 10 RTM Discussion - Build Number 10.0.10240   

    Windows.old can be deleted if your upgrade has no issues, not sure about the other one.
    If it's any video file on the web or local then I'm betting it's video driver issues of some kind.  Maybe you can try uninstall and reinstalling them if a newer version isn't out yet.
    If the app stays like that then I think it's some piece of hardware or software it's trying to check for compatibility that's freezing the process itself, when you run the app it does this scan and gives you a log of things that don't work or might not work on Windows 10.
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  11. George P added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Windows 10 RTM Discussion - Build Number 10.0.10240   

    If the install/upgrade is failing from WU it's probably because the servers are loaded and so on, grab the ISO and upgrade that way.  Once you upgrade and you activate, you can then do a clean install with the ISO again.   You just have to do the upgrade first and have it activate that way, the "key" or in this case the license with 10 is handled differently than in the past.   There's no key, per se, there's some hardware identifier that's tied to your MSA from what I've read.
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  12. George P added a post in a topic You Might (One Day) Be Able To Stream PC Games To An Xbox One   

    This will happen next year I'm sure, I'm thinking Feb-April timeframe.  They already said they're going to add mouse support to the XB1, and that plays into this as well, so I expect it'll happen.  For MS the idea here is clear, be it a XB1 game being played on the console and streamed to the PC or a XBL enabled game being played on Windows 10, bought through the Windows Store and streamed to the XB1, it's win win for MS.
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  13. George P added a post in a topic Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PC in early 2016, PS4 in holiday 2016   

    That's not what it sounded like to me, the head studio boss, who's name I forget, said that it "become profitable" at the end of the year, this was back in January or early February as they were getting the re-release for PS4/XB1 out.   The way he said it, makes it sound like it didn't make money till the 5-6million mark that it hit in January, not the initial 3.5million in the first month.
    At the end we're just parsing what SE and CD people have said, we don't know what it's budget was and how much was spent.  What we do know is that AAA development is going up and up, these big name games cost lots to make, lots to market, and so on.  
    While it's a success, in the end, it's not as big of one as you'd think with all the moaning over the timed exclusivity deal would make you think.  Chalk it up to the typical vocal minority on the internet maybe, but you'd think it was some 20million+ seller, when it's not.
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  14. George P added a post in a topic Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PC in early 2016, PS4 in holiday 2016   

    I'm saying what SE has said, and what the Tomb Raider head guy said, at the end of the day we can either go with that on the record or not, up to each person.  Regardless, in the larger span of things, with so much hoopla over this, you'd think it'd be a 20million unit seller, but it's not.   With the re-release on PS4/XB1 it's up to 8.4, maybe now 9million copies, that's fine, but you'd think with people moaning about how it's this big hot property it'd be selling double what it actually did.    Maybe that's what SE expected as well, specially in it's first few months when it barely made it to ~4million.      It sounds like it took 5-6million copies for SE to finally make it's money back on it, if we believe that then they either overspent on development, or probably overspent on marketing and distribution, which is why they're more than happy to let MS publish and take care of that side of things.
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  15. George P added a post in a topic Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PC in early 2016, PS4 in holiday 2016   

    Dead Rising and Ryse aren't exactly exclusive, they're on the PC as well.  Only Sunset Overdrive is still Xbox One only and I'm betting that'll hit the PC at some point as well.  SE already moaned about the original not making money, at least not quick enough like they wanted to.  For a game that is a large IP as you put it, it took it 10 months and a re-release on new consoles to finally make a profit.  The costs to make games has been going up, and it showed, because even with 4million units sold early on it still didn't make a profit.   It's already been stated that MS is the publisher for it on the Xbox, and SE even stated they're helping with development and marketing.
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