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  1. Riva added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I used to like racing cars etc. Now I am in love with my Mercedes Benz S500. The luxury and performance are very well balanced. My gf suggested that it might be better I slept in the car a couple of times to get it out of my system
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  2. Riva added a post in a topic AMD GPU issues on Windows 10   

    If Windows 10 thinks your card is a 74xx series then that's your problem. You need to download the correct driver from AMD.
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  3. Riva added an answer to a question Can't get new RAM to run higher than 1600MHz   

    Looks like your motherboard doesn't support the RAM model you bought. See http://download.gigabyte.eu/FileList/Memory/mb_memory_ga-z68x-ud3h-b3.pdf
    Alternatively, go to the corsair (or another manufacturer website and use their web site tools to find a model and a capacity supported.
    I hope the place you bought it from refunds you
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