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  1. kalel83 added a post in a topic WIN10 from Tech Preview is still Activated?   

    I have no watermark.
    Really? K that works. Thanks!
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    WIN10 from Tech Preview is still Activated?
    I did so many installs of the Tech Preview over my Windows 8.1 install that the last time I installed the Tech Preview I was doing a clean install not an upgrade.
    I assumed I would have to reinstall 8.1 and then upgrade it. Yet it is the 29th and my install still says Activated.
    Do people that used the Tech preview and upgraded to the RTM build get to keep it activated for awhile? Or did one of my upgrades from 8.1 to 10 that happened several months ago trigger a conversion?
    Also, when you convert a windows 8 key to windows 10 do you use the old key? or do you get a new one?
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