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    Prevent Windows 10 from Uninstalling Media Centre?
    Hi, is there anyway of preventing Windows 10 upgrade from installing Windows Media Centre. It's the main (indeed the only) way I consume TV on my UHD TV. My TV does have built in EPG, but this completely sucks when compared to the EPG in WMC. There are other media centre software options for TV, however none have very good start up times and on the whole, recording and EPG suck on these too. (Yes I have tried XBMC/Kody, Media Portal and others.)

    I do want to upgrade to Windows 10, however the fact that I won't be able to watch TV if I do is really preventing me.
    I have thought of perhaps renaming my ehomes folder (that contains WMC) to ehomes.bak and backing up the WMC registry entries also. But I have no idea what these registry entries are, if if this would even work?

    To make things worse I only paid for my WMC version a few months ago and now Microsoft are threatening to take it off me.
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