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  1. bman added a post in a topic Action Center Hidden but not Turned off   

    Ah that was the issue.
    I forgot the action center was also in Windows 8, so I didn't put Windows 10. Yea I am not talking about Windows 8.
    I hate doing reg edits, updates always break the ######.
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  2. bman added a post in a topic Action Center Hidden but not Turned off   

    I am in that menu and there is nothing what you are saying. There is turn on or off.
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  3. bman added a post in a topic StartIsBack++ 1.0 Windows 10 Start menu program released   

    I have been using the Windows 8 version for awhile.
    Now I am liking the new start menu. I don't want to replace it but maybe add a few features or tweak options. That would be better.
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  4. bman added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Action Center Hidden but not Turned off
    I would like to hide or remove the action center icon in the taskbar.
    I found out how to turn it off, but then action center does not work at all. I would like to be able to use Windows + A to open it, but have the icon at least hidden into the arrow section.
    Any ideas?
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  5. bman added a post in a topic Alternative Torrent Clients   

    Transmission is not the official version for Windows, so I never used it.
    Deluge is good but note that the latest update on Windows is 2014.
    I recently found Halite which seems to be small and fast. I am actually running the portable version. Seems great.
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  6. bman added a topic in Web Browser Discussion & Support   

    Chrome Stable - Windows 10 Issues
    Besides of design UI issues that need to be changed I am having an annoying issue as well.
    This used to happen randomly in Windows 8 but seems to be constant now in Windows 10.
    I have the taskbar set to auto-hide. Almost all the time I have to pull chrome from fullscreen into windowed, back into fullscreen for the taskbar to show up like it should.
    Otherwise it stays hidden and I can not access it. I thought it was related to playing Youtube videos fullscreen but then it happened randomly as well.
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  7. bman added a post in a topic Forums Broken on Chrome   

    If you took my reply as being a dick that is fine. lol
    HTTPS Everywhere was the cause, waiting a bit longer and refreshed and it seems to be working. Stupid none the less, should not cause this issue.
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  8. bman added a post in a topic Forums Broken on Chrome   

    I don't find it useless and this is the only broken site.
    And oh look, disabled and still happening.
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  9. bman added a post in a topic Forums Broken on Chrome   

    I guess I can try that but its a fresh install of Chrome on fresh Windows 10.
    **yea, same thing.
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  10. bman added a post in a topic Edge Theme - Chrome   

    I figured that. I am just hoping Google maybe does something about it.
    Though knowing all the issues that have been around for years, unlikely lol
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  11. bman added a post in a topic µMatrix: a better NoScript/µBlock/Ghostery   

    I never used any other type of extension like this before.
    I have had to disable it for youtube and plex so far, they would just break. So I suppose it is doing good and if that is the default, its good news.
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  12. bman added a topic in Web Browser Discussion & Support   

    Edge Theme - Chrome
    The one thing I can say about the new browser Edge is its theme.
    In Windows 10 it looks really good, the dark theme that is. That is the one complaint I have with Chrome right now for Windows 10. It looks bad.
    I wish there was a theme option like that for Chrome.
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  13. bman added a topic in Site & Forum Issues   

    Forums Broken on Chrome
    I have no way to comment or create a topic on the forums since the update. I am running the latest Chrome stable version. The box for the comments, or for a new topic is just not shown at all. I also had to choose a option for a poll to show the results, I clicked the option to skip but it would just reload the page and show the poll options.
    I also have the notification menu not working. It says I have 1 new, click it and it just shows the loading icon forever.
    I am replying within Edge now.
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