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  1. Nik L added an answer to a question iPhone photography skill?   

    For what photo?  I'm not sure how you think some ridiculously cheap add-on lenses will help?  They will hinder!
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  2. Nik L added a question in iPhone/iOS   

    Jailbreaking an iPhone 6 Plus
    So I have finally made the switch after much internal conflict.  I had thrown iPhones "under the bus" after a crappy experience with the 3Gs (all those years ago) and moved over to Android (specifically Samsung).  But basically, I felt Samsung had jumped the shark, become a poor-man's apple, and no other variant of Android really felt natural with me.  So yeah, iPhone 6 Plus - love it, but not without a few caveats - there's certain things that feel like they should be user-configurable but aren't, a few personal choices.  It seems that jailbreaking will allow me to load in these little mods.  I did the same with my 3Gs.
    But part of me switching over is not wanting the day-to-day battle with my handset.  So my question is this - is it safe to jailbreak my phone?  What issues will I have?
    Thanks to all
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  3. Nik L added a post in a topic FireFox is Doomed!   

    You failed  
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