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  1. Jack Unterweger added a post in a topic Could I Convert?   

    also have a check if EFI / secure boot is enabled or disabled in the bios.
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  2. Jack Unterweger added a post in a topic Could I Convert?   

    the question if you could convert should answer itself the way, if steam supports the games you wanna play or not.
    i am not a big gamer and currently (besides a few simple poker games) play most often euro truck simulator 2 which comes with steam. works just fine under linux.
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  3. Jack Unterweger added a post in a topic Linux 4.0.0-USAF-AUFS-BFS   

    i read the performance of the brain f scheduler is a little bit better than the default one, but not by much. yep, best try it out yourself and see how it works.
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  4. Jack Unterweger added a topic in Linux / Unix Discussion & Support   

    Linux 4.0.0-USAF-AUFS-BFS
    here is my first self compiled kernel, comes with aufs and bfs(brain f scheduler) patched and will be included in the next snapshot-linux version. successfully tested and run under (k)ubuntu 14.04

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