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  1. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Discuss: What do you think of Windows 10 so far?   

    I'm fairly happy with it, as I've mentioned before it is better than 8.1 but still not there with regards to the highly polished and customizable Windows 7 UI.  I do not like that you cannot really customize the start menu (I'm not talking about tiles) ... I believe Microsoft really missed the mark.  I'm also missing the options of having colors in title bars … and various other nitpicks.

    Though there are a lot of good points and I can see why some people prefer it over 7 (and most certainly 8.1) ... it still looks unfinished, beta'ish and an unappealing update to my two other Windows 7 computers.  Hopefully upcoming updates will rectify some of my concerns (heck...I just want the same options as I had with 7).  

    I'll certainly will be updating my desktop sometime before July of next year...if nothing more than to have DirectX 12.

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  2. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Windows 10 is a great upgrade, but it isn't quite there yet   

    Yea, I guess I am.  Saying X operating system runs faster on a HDD than Y operating system (especially a modern one like 7/8/10) on a SSD is flat out preposterous (unless there is a bad configuration going on like ToneKnee said).  
    Guess your Linux also pulls files off a 3.5 floppy drive quicker than Windows does from a flash drive?
    By all means...use whichever operating system you want but "seemed" and "is" are two different things.
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  3. jjkusaf added a post in a topic International Space Station (Updates)   

    Sorry...I didn't see this posted anywhere and thought it looked neat.
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  4. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Windows 10 is a great upgrade, but it isn't quite there yet   

    Well, let's not get carried away now.  I smell that bull excrement through the internet.
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  5. jjkusaf added a post in a topic I've upgraded 7 machines to Windows 10. How many have you?   

    1 secondary Windows 8.1 laptop.  That upgrade went very smooth without issue.
    That is all for now.  
    Not yet "sold" on updating my Windows 7 desktop, HTPC or primary laptop.
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  6. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Microsoft under fire over collecting user data in new Windows 10   

    Windows 10 isn't "free".  The solitaire ads, or any ads that come with included programs in a $100+ operating system does suck.  Windows 7 solitaire didn't include ads.  
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  7. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Scammers capitalise on Windows 10's popularity in latest ploy   

    This type of malware, as I said yesterday in the original ransomware post, are the worst since they actually have the gall to demand money.  OK, if I get infected with a virus which causes me to lose data ... whatever ... but don't do a double slap and demand money.  
    Also, to add to this story ...
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  8. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Fallout 4 - Launching 10th November 2015   

    ooof.  Guess I'll not be seeing everything.  
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  9. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Windows 10 is a great upgrade, but it isn't quite there yet   

    Try going to chrome://flags and change the "Enable Touch Events" setting from "Automatic" to "Enable"

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  10. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Killer of Cecil the lion should be extradited, Zimbabwe says   

    ...and now Cecil's "brother" Jericho has been illegally killed.  
    Some humans just flat out suck.
    Correction by CNN. 
    Sucks for the other lion though.
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  11. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Windows 10 Ransomware Scam - Reported by Cisco Talos Team   

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  12. jjkusaf added a post in a topic "Windows 10 Upgrade" - Email Scam (ransomware)   

    I would agree ... however poor old Grandma who uses the computer mostly to look at pictures of her grandchildren and checks email regularly anticipating more grandchildren pictures may receive this email and think "oh, how lovely...10 is greater than 8...free upgrade!".  Unfortunately, these are the people who will suffer the most from this scam and will ultimately pay to try and get their grandchildren pictures back.   Which is why I put in my original post that I would hope Microsoft could release a security patch which prevents something like this from running (not sure if it is possible).
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  13. jjkusaf added a post in a topic "Windows 10 Upgrade" - Email Scam (ransomware)   

    Correction, I posted this two minutes before yours.  However, it really doesn't matter as long as folks are aware.  

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  14. jjkusaf added a post in a topic Prevent Windows 10 from Uninstalling Media Centre?   

    Well, that is inconvenient though Microsoft did say back in May that WMC would not be available in Windows 10.  Unless someone really makes a hack which would allow it to run on 10 ... your only options are Kodi, Plex, MediaPortal, JRiver (and I'm sure there are more) or stick with Windows 8 and the WMC you paid for.
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