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  1. BetaguyGZT added a post in a topic Linux 4.0.0-USAF-AUFS-BFS   

    Nice one, Jack! How's the performance of this kernel versus stock? I know the scheduler can make a dig difference in speeds.
    Guess I can just look it up myself, hehe.
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  2. BetaguyGZT added a post in a topic SpaceX Updates (Thread 6)   

    Sooooo .... let's see if I have this straight. ULA no longer has a monopoly. The US Air Force people representing ULA are suddenly griping about SpaceX having a foreseeable monopoly sooner rather than later.
    I think someone got stiffed on the bill during date night and is now crying about it.
    I'm with DD on his conclusions. ULA has done nothing but squander the money that was given to them for Engine Development, and they've got nothing to show for it except a lot of out-of-work middlemen who were thrown under the bus when they couldn't maintain the charade anymore.
    This is Politics, and nothing more. A "Dog and Pony Act". These people are playing the only game they know how to play, because they've already lost and are defaulting back to old tactics.
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  3. BetaguyGZT added a post in a topic SpaceX Updates (Thread 6)   

    I know! We needs the precioussss! Hehe ...
    Seriously, she's a right looker, that Dragon Mark 2. And I'm starting to show my Welsh roots. Can't help it, DocM always posts the best stuff with SpaceX material.
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  4. BetaguyGZT added a post in a topic New Horizons Mission - Pluto + Charon Encounter   

    And it appears that New Horizons' flyby happened at the right time, too. They think Pluto's atmosphere is collapsing, and they've witnessed it mid-stream.
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  5. BetaguyGZT added a post in a topic International Space Station (Updates)   

    And within 10 years.
    Sad, really, that an instrument with such promise has been so bogged down in the bottomless quagmire of politics and bureaucracy that is the hallmark of NASA and the U.S. Government in general. Now it'll just be another F-35 -- not needed in the grand scheme of things.
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  6. BetaguyGZT added a post in a topic SpaceX Updates (Thread 6)   

    Yeah, I recommend earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones if attending a BFR launch.  And I highly recommend attending a BFR launch ... 
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