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  1. Solid Knight added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    How do you get Cortana to recognize files/applications you have?
    I have many files and applications that Cortana's search simply does not find even though they're in the expected places. Documents in the documents folder. Applications in Program Files--even registered in the Add/Remove Programs. Yet Cortana cannot find them. Is there any way to manually add them or have Cortana re-index my files?
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  2. Solid Knight added a post in a topic Tiles get truncated   

    Mine went away when I rebooted as well. The funny thing is that they were normal for half a day then they just decided to be messed up. Another amusing thing is that some of the applications I uninstalled decided to reinstall themselves a few hours later.
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  3. Solid Knight added a post in a topic Weird Windows 10 Notification Items   

    Yes. I have one. It seems a lot of people have this issue even on clean installs but nobody knows what is causing it. It sucks that the interface won't let you go to the file location of the application the entry is for.
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