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  1. Lord Nite added a post in a topic August 2015 Desktops   

    Honestly, it worked for me on my post.  Not sure why it won't work for him.
    Testing his image in the code.

    EDIT 1:It doesn't seem to like imgur at the moment.
    EDIT2: It appears that the code would place weird characters in the line which would goof the img tag up.  I retyped it, highlighted it, and clicked remove format, and it appears to work now.
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  2. Lord Nite added a post in a topic The Big Wrestling Thread!   

    Age old debate concerning fake versus predetermined.
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  3. Lord Nite added a post in a topic August 2015 Desktops   

    Remove the = from the [img ] tag.  Basically, it should look like [img ]http://i.imgur.com/uKIGI8E.jpg[/img ] (removing whitespace, of course)
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  4. Lord Nite added a post in a topic Whats your biggest Windows 10 bugbears?   

    My biggest gripe is with the start menu.  After a few clicks to remove ALL the apps listed as new (even though they were there before the upgrade), it would stop working all together.  If you uninstalled an app, you would have to reboot to get it to clear.
    Plex app would not play half the videos from my server, even though they played fine before hand.
    Flash would work half the time, and the other half wouldn't even play correctly.  I had to uninstall/reinstall it just to get the WWENetwork playing last night.
    I reverted back to Windows 8.1 on my laptop until they have worked out some of these bugs.
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  5. Lord Nite added a post in a topic August 2015 Desktops   

    August Desktop Information
    Wallpaper: Batman: Arkham Origins - Deathstroke
    Visual Style: Windows 7 Aero
    Running Programs:
    ObjectDock Plus - Link
    Rainmeter - Link
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