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  1. SuperKid added a post in a topic Edge + no extension support = failed.   

    No, Edge is a great browser and overall improvement. I believe extension support will come and as most people who used IE before are used to not having extensions probably won't miss support for it.
    I am disappointed they kept IE in Windows 10 though.
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  2. SuperKid added a post in a topic Upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 moved my files   

    I will check when I get home again, but I don't believe they are
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  3. SuperKid added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 moved my files
    So after about 5 hours of the process of upgrading to Windows 10 on my laptop, I noticed there are no longer any files on the desktop, in the documents folder, pictures folder etc. It turns out that if I go to C:\Users\<name>\Desktop they are still there but not on the actual desktop. Has the folder locations changed on Windows 10? It is really strange why it wouldn't keep my files as is.
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