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  1. Walid W. added an answer to a question employee web monitoring software   

    Great suggestion by sc302. Why don't you block the stuff that you don't need them to view instead? Do you want paid version or something free?
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  2. Walid W. added an answer to a question Looking for a new PSU   

    Sorry, didn't think that I needed two. My budget is 350$ for both. It doesn't have to be one 1000 and one 750, I can get two 750 or two 850. Hope it's more clear now.
    @tsupersonic, thanks for the recommendation.
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  3. Walid W. added an answer to a question Looking for a new PSU   

    Budget not more than 200$. Wattage, one 1000 and one 750.
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  4. Walid W. added a question in Hardware Hangout   

    Looking for a new PSU
    As the title says, I need two PSU's. 
    I have two Corsair HX1000W and 750W. Both got fried at the same month and I don't know why and no warranty, bought both for 6+ years ago. 
    Can you guys help me pick another two? ONLY Corsair suggestion please, and thank you for your inputs!
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