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  1. FaiKee added a post in a topic "Digital Licensing" - New Licensing System Introduced In Windows 10   

    People had always thought that Windows retail version is device-transferable, seems for Win10 MS has changed this concept.
    People knows that if you upgrade from win7/8.1, the activation is "retail", but it's bundled to the device.
    Not only that, from the Store purchase screen(except for the $2, everything else are the same on current screen), it says explicitly that the purchase at the mark price is also bundled to the device(licensed to one PC - this one).

    Also, in the "Top reasons", it says "replacing the mobo" would make the win10 non-genuine, probably this digital license is tied to the mobo. I guess if you changed a number of device hardwares and exceed the 3-no-allowance, but have the same mobo, you could still get re-activation thru phone, but if you changed the mobo, you would be out of luck.
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  2. FaiKee added a post in a topic "Digital Licensing" - New Licensing System Introduced In Windows 10   

    Something off-topic, but interesting

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  3. FaiKee added a post in a topic "Digital Licensing" - New Licensing System Introduced In Windows 10   

    Nah, I've already got the full $‌‌winBT, anyway, even if it shows the balloon I won't upgrade for at least this week, couldn't afford to risk system crash(or whatever problem) right now.
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  4. FaiKee added a post in a topic "Digital Licensing" - New Licensing System Introduced In Windows 10   

    LOL, don't ask me steven, my win8.1 still showing this although it has the $winBT of 5.56GB 3 days ago.

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  5. FaiKee added a topic in Microsoft Insider (Windows, Office previews)   

    "Digital Licensing" - New Licensing System Introduced In Windows 10
    Yesterday I reported about a blog in win10china about the RMB12.99 win10 Pro purchase
    The more interesting thing shown in the guy's chat with MS China Customer Support, the rep revealed a new licensing term and claimed it is a "totally new licensing system for win10", I don't know what MS would name it officially, translated from Chinese it is "Digital Licensing"

    It seems that instead of issuing product keys, for win10 upgraded from win7/8.1, and win10's purchased from Store, or even the Insider's copies, MS will attach this digital license to the win10 and the device, and is unique to each device just like  the Product key.
    ATM little is known about this system, except that it is bundled to the device, and probably recorded in MS servers with the device HWID to identfy the win10 and device, and to verify activations.
    Some guys had suggested that MS server only records the HWID to identify the device, this is probably not true, because the HWID is generated based on 8 items(since XP to win8.1, don't know if there is modifications for win10):
    Display adapter
    SCSI adapter
    IDE adapter(**effectively the mobo)
    Network adapter MAC address
    RAM amount range (e.g. 0-512 MB)
    Processor type and serial number(**if available)
    Hard drive device and volume serial number
    Optical drive (e.g. DVD-ROM)
    Windows allows changes of 3 or less in these items before it asks for re-activation, but if you change just one(or more), the HWID changes as well, and there is no way for the new HWID to be compared to the MS server records.
    So obviously this digital license is to identify the win10 and device, and enable it to compare with the records in MS server.

    Hopefully we could see MS to reveal more informations on this new system.
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  6. FaiKee added a post in a topic Seems MS Will Honor the Windows 10 Purchased From Store For RMB12.99(USD2)   

    Seems this "Digital License" is something newly introduced for win10, some time ago I posted about seeing a OSG document about MS activation server will record "Upgrade Authentication Key"+HWID, and thought that a key will be issued for win10 upgrade, guess I have misunderstood, if the win10 is bundled to the machine, then instead of generating a product key, it will generate a "Digital License" not to be observed by the user.
    Some people had thought that win10 will check on MS server with just the HWID to identify the win10 and device, but I think it's probably not the case, since XP to Win8.1, Windows will check on 8 items of the device, and if 3 or less had changed, Windows will still consider its still on the same device, but 4 or more, Windows will consider its on another device and will request re-activation.
    But by changing any one or more of the item, the HWID will be changed, and it won't be able to compare with any existing record in MS server, therefore it requires some other data to identify the Windows and device, it could be the product key(plus other datas), and for win10, if it's bundled to the device, then there is no need for a Product Key, and this "Digital License" will be used instead.
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  7. FaiKee added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Seems MS Will Honor the Windows 10 Purchased From Store For RMB12.99(USD2)
    Earlier there was a bug in Win10 preview, where user could purchase a win10 Pro from Store for just $2, and this was removed later, however, some guys had made the purchase, and this is a interesting scenario posted in win10china:
    Firstly, one thing to note is that, if you now purchase win10 thru Store, the license is bundled to the machine, I don't have this Store Purchase on my win10, so this is from win10china:(sorry, seems image insert does not work, the circle just kept rolling for over 3 minutes.)

    And the Customer Support of MS China explained about "Digital Licensing", there won't be a product key supplied.

    OK, then he found that the guy had purchased a win10 Pro license for RMB12.99 , and told the guy he should be able to use this license "normally", and could contact for Support within 30 days if there is any problem:

    This is the Store Purchase for RMB 12.99, but I guess you have seen the one for USD 2.00.

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