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    There's a long thread at Windows Insider forum about W10 and the 1st Gen Intel + AMD 5xxx here. Basically, there are three big issues, which are the reasons why I am staying with Windows 8.1 and Catalyst 14.4 for now.
    1. The AMD GPU doesn't completely turn off. Even when the laptop is on battery and just idling on desktop with no apps open, the battery lasts according to the meter only 3-4 hours, while on Windows 8.1 I get 6-8 hours of light web browsing when using the Intel GPU.
    2. Many games just blackscreen and refuse to use the AMD GPU. As said earlier, teh AMD GPU can't be selected in XAML apps and some other GPU accelerated programz such as MPC-HC and Adobe Premiere. 
    3. HDMI doesn't work at all.
    All these issue occur on all 1st Gen Intel + AMD HD 5xxx laptops regardless OEM or model. The issue seems to be that the Windows 10 drivers use dynamic switching, whereas before we could choose if the Intel ot AMD is used, and the other would get automaticallly disabled. 
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