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    Can't Update to Windows 10: BSOD.
    So, the ultrabook where I was testing the Windows 10 Previews died so I went to buy a new one yesterday. Today I got up, I turned it on and went to download Windows 10 using Microsoft's Update Tool. The notebook came with Windows 8.1 and no crappy software on it, so I supposed I wouldn't have any troubles on the update, I was wrong: got a BSOD and a KERNEL AUTO BOOST LOCK ACQUISITION WITH RAISED IRQL message error.
    Luckily the instalator recovered my Windows 8.1 instalation, so I'm able to use the computer, but I was really looking forward to install Windows 10 on it, as, really, after using the previews for so long, going back to 8.1 is painful.
    Any ideas?
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