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  1. SlasherKG added a post in a topic [Windows 10] System Update - Change to Manual   

    No patch.
    The only thing they released was a utility that allows you to hide specific updates.
    It will still always check automatically and install.
    If you have Pro, you can defer the install when it prompts you (for up to 30 days from what I hear).
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  2. SlasherKG added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Microsoft Edge won't remember prior monitor/position.
    Does anyone else with multiple monitors have an issue with Edge not remembering it's monitor/position?
    Whenever I launch Edge it always opens on my primary monitor.
    I've tried dragging it over while in windowed mode then closing, (as sometimes I've seen where if you just drag things and snap it to maximized it won't keep that position), but it still always opens on the primary monitor.
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