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  1. KaoDome added a post in a topic July 2015 Desktops   

    Your wallpaper is very nice! I tried searching for it but couldn't find it, could you tell me where to get it?
    By the way, what's the second from the right program you have pinned on your taskbar? I don't recognize the icon.
    Thanks anyway!
    I'm still undecided about Windows 10, like you I just use the traditional desktop side of things. Since I don't use the start menu or anything similar I could live with 8 (8.1), I sure like some of the things Windows 10 brings but the new transition to XAML apps taxes quite a lot my 5 year old laptop.
    By the way, is there anywhere I can get your wallpaper? I looked for it but I couldn't find it anywhere.
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