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    Mail not syncing....at all
    I downloaded my copy of Windows 10 and proceeded to install Office 2016. Now my mail won't sync. This was completely fine in Windows 8.1. It will sync my Inbox and my Sent Items, and perhaps my Deleted Items, but none of the sub folders will pull in any mail. I tried the built in Mail app and some mail pulled in, but for the most part mail still won't sync.  This is an Outlook.com account and it's configured using Active Exchange.  I was having some connectivity issues when I was trying to sync my mail.  Is it possible that could be causing Outlook to think I've pulled in the mail and that is why it won't download?  Is there any way to completely reset Outlook to give it a clean syncing slate?  I've tried uninstalling and re-installing and deleting the OST file that it creates and still no dice. 
    Any ideas?
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