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  1. Jason S. added an answer to a question Any issues getting Windows server to run 10Gbe at full bandwidth?   

    so was it a driver issue in the end?
    im curious b/c we run 10Gbit at work over iSCSI. it's a similar setup as yours w/ SFP+ copper. I dont believe ive seen any numbers that low, but we dont get anywhere near 10Gbit (not expecting to).
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  2. Jason S. added an answer to a question Can't get new RAM to run higher than 1600MHz   

    i remember GA boards have some ctrl+F1 'expert' mode where you can then tweak individual settings.
    from what it sounds like, you'll have to manually tweak the settings and probably unstrap the memory from the CPU
    im a bit rusty on the details - i havent tweaked a BIOS for years now.
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  3. Jason S. added a post in a topic PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection: August 2015   

    wow what a month! Best I've seen in recent memory.
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