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    This is the question I have. I bought (and activated) a RETAIL copy of 8.1 Pro a couple of months ago on an old laptop. It's basically dead now so I'm going to be purchasing a new PC this September. I don't really want to activate my Win 10 upgrade on my old laptop; rather, I'd like to simply reinstall 8.1 on my new PC and then upgrade to 10 on that. Bear in mind this is a RETAIL key, so having Win 10 locked to my new PC doesn't make sense to me... Is this really the case? Am I even able to reinstall my existing copy of 8.1 on a new machine and still upgrade to 10? 
    If I can't transfer Win 10 off my new PC, it's not the end of the world. My main concern came from the whole reservation process and I didn't want to miss out by buying a new PC a month down the line after release as I had it in my head that while you can upgrade within the first year for free, it needs to be off an existing activated Win 7/8/8.1 key before Win 10's release. Now I've said that, it just makes me think I'm being overly paranoid and overcomplicating the issue...
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