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  1. ZombieFly added a post in a topic Windows 10 Taskbar Icons look awful   

    i have a similar issue, the default win10 icons are completely blank transparent squares, edge and store don't show icons but can still be pressed. i updated from 8.1 and went through the tech previews over the last months, been the same on every update. as i use neither of these apps i just unpinned them. other icons show up fine though.
    your issue looks like a corrupt driver install. completely remove it and go with the windows force-fed update auto version. how dare you try and install a driver yourself!?! MICROSOFT WILL TAKE CONTROL OF THAT
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  2. ZombieFly added a post in a topic Is there a compact skin option?   

    the whole thing is a mess, replying to comments on the front page is terrible with the nested history which you can't break out of, meaning your comment goes in under the last in italics
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