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  1. Andrew added a post in a topic Phil Spencer: "Paying for third party games isn't our long-term strategy"   

    No "PC master race" nonsense, please
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  2. Andrew added a post in a topic Sony posts favourable results for Q1 of FY2015, 3M PS4 units shipped   

    PS4 on track to beat PS2 as the best selling console ever
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  3. Andrew added a post in a topic Xbox Games with Gold: August 2015   

    Own every game part of GwG & PS+ in August's lineups. First world problems
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  4. Andrew added a post in a topic Zombi U renamed Zombi for XB1, PS4, PC, coming August 18th   

    Hopefully they start work again on the sequel. Bought ZombiU for <£4 new last year. Can't complain, but won't be double dipping for a watered down port.
    They've gone full circle on the name now too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombi_(video_game)
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