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  1. Open Minded added an answer to a question Feedback on components for 6-Core Build   

    I mean, who doesn't need over 2 gigs a second transfer from a hard drive?  :-)
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  2. Open Minded added an answer to a question Looking for a cheap Dual Link DVI video card   

    This isn't bad for 89 bucks before rebates.
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  3. Open Minded added an answer to a question Can't get new RAM to run higher than 1600MHz   

    I'm replacing the 1600MHz RAM I was using with 2400MHz RAM.  I took the old stuff out so there's only the two new 8 gig sticks in there.
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  4. Open Minded added an answer to a question Feedback on components for 6-Core Build   

    Buy this:
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  5. Open Minded added a question in Hardware Hangout   

    Can't get new RAM to run higher than 1600MHz
    Hey guys, I bought a kit of 2x 8GB 2400MHz Corsair Vengeance RAM to replace my 8 GB 1600MHz set.  Can't get it to run higher than 1600MHz.  This is my second kit that's been rated above 1600MHz that doesn't work.  I took the first set back thinking it was just not compatible with my motherboard.  I reset the BIOS, updated the BIOS, loaded the BIOS defaults, tried different slots, ran the Windows 7 memory diagnostic and triple checked the connections.  Still nothing.  The first set was a Patriot Viper 2x 8GB 1866MHz kit.   My system would not want to boot unless I pulled the power and let it sit then try again.  The new Corsair set does not have that problem, only not being able to get anywhere close to 2400MHz.  I can't set the timings manually or enable the Intel extreme memory profile.  Every time I save the BIOS with the new settings, it reboots... shuts off... reboots... shuts off... reboots then says "overclock failed".  I started looking around and found that doing a "direct overclock" of the CPU will fix this?  I only overclock using the multiplier but keeping the stock voltage.  Am I doing something wrong and missing a step, or do I need a new motherboard? Should I pull the power to all the drives save the SSDs to see if it's being under powered?  Thanks for your help!
    Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
    i7 2600k @ stock for now
    EVGA GTX 760
    Seasonic X-650 Gold
    2 SSDs
    7 Platter drives
    1  DVD RW
    7 120mm fans total
    1 200mm fan
    Almost forgot, I took the new RAM out of my system and tested it in my GF's computer. (AMD 8350, MSI 970 MB, EVGA GTX 560) Reset the BIOS/UEFI, enabled the extreme memory profile, rebooted and it worked with zero issues.  So I know the RAM is good.
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