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  1. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic Clean install for Windows 10?   

    Once 10 is installed and registerd run this file [copy/paste in Notepad and save with a vbs extension] and it should generate your new key used by their server
    Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") MsgBox ConvertToKey(WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DigitalProductId")) Function ConvertToKey(Key) Const KeyOffset = 52 i = 28 Chars = "BCDFGHJKMPQRTVWXY2346789" Do Cur = 0 x = 14 Do Cur = Cur * 256 Cur = Key(x + KeyOffset) + Cur Key(x + KeyOffset) = (Cur \ 24) And 255 Cur = Cur Mod 24 x = x -1 Loop While x >= 0 i = i -1 KeyOutput = Mid(Chars, Cur + 1, 1) & KeyOutput If (((29 - i) Mod 6) = 0) And (i <> -1) Then i = i -1 KeyOutput = "-" & KeyOutput End If Loop While i >= 0 ConvertToKey = KeyOutput End Function 
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  2. Arachno 1D added an answer to a question Ways to mirror laptop screen to TV wirelessly?   

    You could use a chromecast for some applications
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  3. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic Official Dogs vs Cats   

    On top of the world

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  4. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic Missing a response option?   

    Thanks Steven glad to know I have you permission
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  5. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic Xiaomi users will soon be able to run Windows 10 Mobile on their Android phones   

    I have an android mobile specifically because I dont want windows why would I change to a system hungry OS?
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  6. Arachno 1D added a topic in Site & Forum Issues   

    Missing a response option?
    In the post below Im unable to respond now it cant be because its for paid members as theres a response by a first time user listed and its not locked?


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  7. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic Black screen after windows 10 update   

    There was a bios update offered for the same issue with Windows 8.1 maybe this is needed again on the model you have
    Try an external display on the laptop if you have one
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  8. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic US Navy: Rail Gun sea trial 2016   

    The trouble is its more likely to only be reliable as line of site only,once launched its unguidable and it needs an enourmous amount of electrical energy to launch the weapon.Other than that it seems highly plausable as a defensive weapon and good at throwing a high speed lump of metal at the target somewhat similar to a WWII battleship.
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  9. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic Windows 10 with Bing (CoreConnected)   

    Well I have a HP Stream 7" tablet with windows bing on that initially showed the upgrade icon, but since I installed the last updates this morning the icon has disappeared and ;looking at windows update just says a message that " we will let you know when the upgrade is ready to be installed on this PC"
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  10. Arachno 1D added a post in a topic Official Dogs vs Cats   

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