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  1. laserfloyd added a post in a topic Microsoft: 14 million devices are now running Windows 10   

    Ok if you haven't gotten your auto upgrade yet then just go to the ISO download page. You can choose the version you need then choose to 'upgrade' your machine. I've done that with 3 machines so far and all with pleasantly smooth results. Also, my upgrade failed initially while I was at work. I'd have never known if I didn't check my update history. So, for all you know, it failed. Don't wait, just download it and get on with life.
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  2. laserfloyd added a post in a topic Windows Update in Windows 10: A massive bag of hurt   

    For the average user, which is something like 90% of the users, it's not an issue. It's an issue for people with custom setups and enterprises. On the whole, I think it's a good thing. If it's not a good thing for you then you gotta move up to pro or higher.
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  3. laserfloyd added a post in a topic Failed windows 10 refresh/reset function. (no support needed)   

    I've done it multiple times on my son's machine (he always manages to muck something up so instead of fixing it I just reset his machine ). Never had any issues with it though.
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  4. laserfloyd added a post in a topic Window 10 Updation Error :(   

    Is your version of windows activated? Are you using the upgrade tool? My initial upgrade failed while I was at work. I just used the download tool to "upgrade this pc" and all went smoothly.
    Run the version you need and just choose to upgrade (versus download the ISO)
    Hope that helps.
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