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  1. SledgeNZ added a post in a topic Universal Apps   

    You can if you push the majority of your logic into PCL libraries.
    I've done quite a few cross platform apps that share codebases with WPF, Silverlight, Winforms, WinRT etc. You will of course need separate projects for the UI side of things.
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  2. SledgeNZ added a post in a topic Windows 10 - Photos App - Bug   

    The whole app is a bug. It's a really poor effort from MS on this one.
    From a Xaml dev it's not hard to actually make something stable and usable. It smacks of agile gone awry.
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  3. SledgeNZ added a post in a topic Unable to activate Windows 10 after Clean install or Reset   

    I had the same with 2 of 4 upgrades. Leave it for a day or two and try again. Worked for me.
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  4. SledgeNZ added a post in a topic Visual Studio Pro 2015 - Windows 10 support question   

    If you install now it is showing the Universal SDK as being available. If you've already installed VS2015, Find it in programs and features and select modify. The new bits and pieces will show up (With new in brackets next to them even!).
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