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  1. Ronnet added a post in a topic Windows 10 Font   

    For me its the opposite. I like the smooth clear font of the modern apps. The font in the start menu looks bad and outdated in comparison. I'm not seeing any rough edges in the settings app.
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  2. Ronnet added a post in a topic Windows 10 is free but what's the catch?   

    No I don't. Microsoft doesn't make that much money on selling seperate Operating Systems to consumers anyways. And many studies have shown people rarely upgrade for the latest version of an OS. Particularly those on XP and Windows 7 don't feel a need to upgrade.
    So Microsoft isnt really missing out on much revenue by making Windows 10 free. However, if those on Windows 7 remain on Windows 7 as long as those on XP did, then Microsoft's new ecosystem will never take off. I think the management team at MS made the concious decision to sacrifice some OS revenue for store revenue. Only by making Windows an ecosystem that can compete with iOS and Android can Microsoft remain competitive in the consumer market.
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  3. Ronnet added a post in a topic Changing colors in Windows 10 title bars   

    I can distinguish the foreground Windows based on:
    A) The color of the text in the titlebar (either black if active, grey if not but might be hard to see for you)
    B) the color of the titlebar being equal to my theme in some applications (I suspect this will become the default in time but it needs to implemented by the app dev)
    C) The color of the icon in the taskbar (easiest to see, but forces you to look down)
    Hopefully option B will become the default, but this was a last minute addition so not even all of Microsoft's own apps have it.
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  4. Ronnet added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Is this normal? (OneDrive behaviour in Windows 10)
    I absolutely loved the OneDrive integration in Windows 8.1. You could open synced documents right from the local drive, make alterations and the changes were immediately synced back to the cloud upon clicking 'save'.
    However, for some reason in Windows 10 every  time I open a document in the skype folder on the local drive I get a 'offline document' warning / error. It warns me the document on my local drive might not be up-to-date. Even if I close the file without saving any changes, the file remains flagged with a red X. The only way to solve this issue is by reopening the file, clicking on the warning and saying I like to open the version from the cloud and overwrite the local copy.
    Is this Microsoft being extra careful, afraid I might lose data? Or is the OneDrive syncing agent not working 100% of the time? (causing it to be unsure whether the file is up-to-date, and providing the warning) I learned to trust the old OneDrive implementation in Windows 8.1 after having no problem at all. For some reason the Windows 10 version seems to have less features and not working correctly. Right now I'm working on my Surface RT because its easier than using my Windows 10 laptop... 
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