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    Windows 10 upgrade not recognizing Nvidia GTX 760
    The last of my PCs to get the upgrade to Windows 10 is my desktop with an integrated Intel HD chip and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760.  It was running Windows 8.1 just fine, but after the Win10 upgrade finished, control panel shows a yellow caution symbol by the GTX 760 display adapter and says the device is not working properly.  I've tried installing Nvidia's Windows 10 driver for this card, but the driver install fails.  Any suggestions?  Desktop specs are in my signature; bios is the latest one Dell has on their website.  Thanks.
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  2. Goalie33 added a post in a topic Windows 10 Font   

    I thought it was just my laptop looking bad....I don't know why 10 looks so much worse than 8.1; I never had a problem with the fonts in 8.1.  I've even updated my video drivers to the latest from Intel and Nvidia, but that made no difference whatsoever.  :-(
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