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  1. wingliston added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Windows 10 RTM Discussion - Build Number 10.0.10240   

    I love Windows 10 on desktop but on tablet? The start screen in tablet mode is horrible. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired. I can't put two wide tiles next to each other. I have to scroll vertical to see the rest of my wide and big tiles. On Windows 8.1 all my big tiles fit on one screen without scrolling.There are two spaces on the left and right that's being wasted. I had to plug in my wireless mouse to organize my tiles because its very annoying to do with touch. I still can’t get it back the way I had it on Windows 8.1. http://i.imgur.com/bQHeMYa.png
    More annoyances:
    Start screen in tablet mode is a huge step back, cannot scroll horizontal, wasted space. Can’t multi select tiles to move around, resize, unpin, uninstall.... Dragging app tiles in an outside area crashes the start screen. Some small tiles are cut in half. Full screen app list is gone.Apps that were already updated keep updating again and again.Windows Store app crashes when updating apps.Edge is missing full screen and tablet gestures (forward and back).Camera app is useless. It doesn’t say why it doesn’t work.Windows 10 didn’t remember my Windows 8.1 title positions and groups upgrading from 8.1.Movies & Videos app has a big white background on the player controls, that’s distracting.Groove Music has dark mode but Movies & TV doesn’t. It makes sense to have dark mode on Movies & TV rather than Groove Music.I can't control the failing Synaptic driver update for Dell Touchpad.Update apps automatically option is disabled even though I am Administrator.Cortana is useless if I turn off location. 
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