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  1. sinetheo added a post in a topic HELP. Windows 10 keeps trying to INSTALL on new image   

    I cancelled the reservation though. I re-imaged twice. Only difference is these sets of images were installed post Windows 10 RTM. This is problematic as I can see this a problem for others in small business who do a re-image if MS plans to force feed this.
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  2. sinetheo added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    HELP. Windows 10 keeps trying to INSTALL on new image
    I just put on a fresh image of Windows 8.1 on my desktop last night. Yes, I selected not interested in yet for Windows 10. Problem is whenever I run Windows update it keeps trying to install. I unselect Windows 10 Pro from the options. It works fine temporarily but when I reboot Windows update starts automatically upon log in and keeps trying to put Windows 10 on.
    So far i:
    1. Use the Windows icon and select reserve, then cancel reservation
    2. turn off Windows updates to only download but ask me to install them
    3. Ran the Windows update troubleshooter
    I am running out of options and can't have risky software as this machine is critical for work
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  3. sinetheo added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Changing colors in Windows 10 title bars
    I am very tempted to upgrade to Windows 10 though I typically wait a year before updating.
    I put on WIndows 10 enterprise on a VM in Hyper-V but I have to say I am disappointed. I can't tell the foreground and background Widows as no color exist. I am partially color blind so maybe there is a color you guys can see that I can't? Besides a very slight color tint border I it all seems white on the top of each application which is driving me crazy!
    Is there a way to edit this? It seems Windows 7 aero was the height of customization as 8.1 removed some features. Now no color at all except the title bar unless the setting is missing but I have been looking.
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