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  1. game_over added a post in a topic Major UK shopping group pulls Windows Phone app "due to the lack of users"   

    On a serious note, you can't blame a company shelving a product that does not get used. It just doesn't make any sense to keep development going for the two people that use it. If it rendered the service useless for WP users then yeah it would be a dick move, but there are plenty of other ways to access your Nectar account.
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  2. game_over added a post in a topic Zombi U renamed Zombi for XB1, PS4, PC, coming August 18th   

    Picked it up or £4.95 on the Wii U, it'a a decent game but the use of the handheld display annoyed me, as that is not available on other consoles i'm sure it'll be much better.
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  3. game_over added a post in a topic Is there a compact skin option?   

    I viewed it at work earlier on a large screen and hated it.
    I'm now viewing it at home on my smaller laptop screen and it looks really nice. If you want a compact version just resize your browser.
    The only thing i will say is the thread view is not so nice, it's hard to see whats going on.
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