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  1. dead.cell added a post in a topic Best Buy will help you upgrade to Windows 10...but its help doesn't come free   

    You must not be familiar with Best Buy's practices then. As someone who's worked there before, I'd readily believe it to be honest. No, that doesn't mean Best Buy is suddenly a "good guy" for doing this, but that they see easy opportunity to make money selling products/services. They always championed tech support as being straight profit so it wouldn't surprise me if $29.99 is just to cover their costs of doing it, or to minimize some of the cost they'll eat.
    Hotbuy laptops for example I know they make zilch on which is why you might see the face of an employee or (more likely) manager contort when you tell them you want the cheap laptop with no accessories, no software, and no services. That's what their metrics are based on really. Attach attach attach! The only exception to this is when their revenue is hurting for the day/week or month.
    So yes, for someone like me, your comment does look rather stupid. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but then again, I really didn't think you'd take it personally.
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  2. dead.cell added a post in a topic Best Buy will help you upgrade to Windows 10...but its help doesn't come free   

    Not everyone's an expert in everything, and while Windows 10 might be simple to upgrade to, but it doesn't always work out the way we expect, expert or not. http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1266418-windows-10-update-fails/
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  3. dead.cell added a post in a topic Best Buy will help you upgrade to Windows 10...but its help doesn't come free   

    Stupid... they don't have to.
    Basic conversation would probably ask general questions like, "Have you backed up your data? If not, we sell external hard drives you can back up to!  Also, if you like our service, do note that services like this would be covered under our tech support plan if you have it, which covers not just one PC, but up to 3!"
    It's a win win strategy really.
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  4. dead.cell added a post in a topic Edge or Previous Browser?   

    Microsoft Edge? This thing is not ready yet. I'm saddened that this is the state they released it in actually, because there are some basic things that need to be addressed just in the first 5 minutes of playing with it.
    Favorites for instance can be imported, but the Favorites Bar should have a link that goes straight to the Import dialog. There's literally no point in trying to get people to switch if you don't make it easy to, including switching from IE. I had a guy at work download it already on his home PC, saying he found it difficult to import from IE. I don't find it difficult, but I do see room for improvement.
    Importing you say? Well, I didn't have bookmarks on IE to import, but I did from Chrome. The result? Completely awful. All my folders say "Links\" making it very annoying to sort out.
    Then trying to navigate these menus, when you click a favorite menu on your favorites, it opens and stays open. By design? Okay, I'll take it. However, if I click on another folder, it simply closes the last folder I opened, leaving me to click again on the folder I'm trying to access. The result is an extra click for each folder you're opening, making navigation unnecessarily tedious.
    I'm still giving it a go to try and flesh out my understanding of all this, so please don't take my notes as me just trying to paint Edge in a negative light. I'm simply giving it a thorough joyride for the next month to see how I like it, which will make it easier for me when patches and extensions come around.
    Currently though, I just can't recommend it beyond those who don't mind the alpha/beta test feel. It's got great potential, but it really does need work.
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