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    Yes, unless it gets renewed in between that time, or one of the many domain trolls gets it first. I had a domain I forgot to renew and then I expired and I refused to pay GoDaddy $80. on top of the registration to renew it after it expires, so I decided to wait it out and it got scooped up the minute it became available by what I call a domain troll, but they're are companies and people who monitor the list of domains that will be readily available for registration, so they can have it for advertising. A year the domain was not renewed by them. So I got it back.
    I have a domain name registered that some company wanted but they were not willing to pay my price for it, so I renew it every year just so they can't have it. If they ever want it the price is now triple of my original asking price.
    I had the domain name long before the company existed.
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