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  1. Gotenks98 added a post in a topic Windows 10 Pro - Virtual Hardware Requirements   

    Give it 8GB of ram and make sure the VMware tools are installed. Also you might want to consider Parallels Desktop 11 when it comes out. It will integrate the Windows 10 features into OSX.
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  2. Gotenks98 added a post in a topic How Planned Parenthood could shut down the government   

    While I can understand the whole if you cant feed em dont breed em mindset, the backlash of what happens if they get rid of this is 100000 times worse. Its cheaper to pay for birth control and condoms than it will be to pay for that WIC and food stamps and other social programs.
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  3. Gotenks98 added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    FYI to Windows 7 upgraders to 10
    I just got off the phone with Microsoft when helping a customer. Some of the activation servers are down. As a result of this some activations wont happen until another 48 hours.
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