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  1. statm1 added a post in a topic Windows 10 upgrade and failed activation   

    One option for the problem of it erroring out when it tries the initial activation after you have finished the install, was to rapidly click on the activation button several times. It immediately activated both times I have tried doing this method. My error was that no license was found.
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    AdChoices/User Menu ad bug
    On the forum frontpage, when an AdChoices ad is displayed under Our Sponsors, and you open the User menu by hovering over your avatar, the logo (when it is in the top right corner of the ad, sometimes it's not) for AdChoices shows on top of the User Menu. The expected behavior would be for the user menu to cover up the logo in the ad.
    Update: I just noticed that the logo also shows on top of the "Edit Profile" overlay window from the banner ad version of an AdChoices ad. As well as the Notifications and Message popups. So pretty much anything that gets put over top of an AdChoices ad, this bug effects.
    Hopefully I explained that well enough.
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