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  1. pixelpixel added a post in a topic If you could change anything about win 10, what would it be?   

    Where is the work ????? What did they spent it on ???? I feel that windows 8.1 is a stronger OS that 10. I love the metro desktop because I could see everything in seconds.

    If you use Windows 10 across different devices it will give you a different experience of the OS.
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  2. pixelpixel added a post in a topic Poll: Is Windows 10 ready to launch?   

    I currently have a few things that I need to try and fix with the upgrade.

    It seems to have left a bit of windows 8.1 behind.

    If I use disk clean I get a total of 2.09GB reported. When I click view files it shows nothing.
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  3. pixelpixel added a post in a topic Mozilla cries foul on changes to Windows 10's default browser settings   

    I would rather they said when can we access Cortona from within Firefox or not work with Microsoft in developing things.

    The default browser is really easy to change. You can ask Cortona and it will bring you to the settings page.
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  4. pixelpixel added a post in a topic Windows 10 Store doesn't work after upgrade from 8.1   

    Go to settings and the click on accounts.

    It should say your windows account and tell you that you are the administrator.
    If not I think your account might be a local account and you might have to change that.
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  5. pixelpixel added a post in a topic Clean install for Windows 10?   

    While doing the update you can select the please nuke my system and remove everything. This will give you a default system via the update.

    I did the upgrade version from windows 8.1 and it is amazing. For the first time ever in my life an update worked and my system is running as normal.
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