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  1. kalkal added an answer to a question IPB4 upgrade announcement   

    It's possibly been asked 1000x now, but why on earth did Neowin decide to upgrade the forums during the release of Windows 10, possible the worst possible time to do so in the previous 18 months, and probably the next 18 months
    Also, when clicking "+ Creave v" button at the top in chrome, it appears to be behind the z value of the menu bar. You can still click both "status" and "topic" but it looks like part of the menu is hidden.
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  2. kalkal added a post in a topic Windows 10 Release (July 29, 2015) Thread   

    Am I missing something? 

    I wanted an early fresh install of 10240, got a ESD, did a fresh install and it's activated and there were no activation problems (after a format/not an upgrade). Why didn't it work for anyone else?
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