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  1. Doli added a post in a topic Discuss: What do you think of Windows 10 so far?   

    Good but I cant recommend it.
    Edge keeps forgetting my Top Sites startup page or opens the last page even if i have that option turned off.
    Edge doesn't play nice with the Taskbar on full screen YouTube Videos.
    Any large downloads I switch to IE because it has a download manager that works even if I close IE. Edge stops the download and cant resume but It leaves the partial file on the HD.
    If you have a music album made up of various artist Groove Music will display the album for each artist even in Album display mode. It wont group them into the one album.
    I setup a daily reminder with Cortana and then deleted the reminder  but it shows up on the Calendar live title and it wont go away. It doesn't even show up in Calendar when I open it
    I understand the problems with the People app and Facebook but why drop Twitter and LinkedIn? Now its just a basic phonebook.
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  2. Doli added a post in a topic I like Windows 10 and all that, but ...   

    Why didn't you just set the screen saver to "none"?
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  3. Doli added a post in a topic Microsoft under fire over collecting user data in new Windows 10   

    Just took a look at Solitaire... $1.49 a month or $9.99 a year for no ads.  Really Microsoft?
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  4. Doli added a post in a topic Microsoft says it could be "weeks" before you get your Windows 10 upgrade notification   

    Media creation tool is easier. Upgrades for you or you can make a bootable USB or save an iso image.
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  5. Doli added a post in a topic You Might (One Day) Be Able To Stream PC Games To An Xbox One   

    People are expecting to play their PC (old dics, Steam, Orgin, ...)  games but in the end I think it will be Xbox Store games that didn't get the universal treatment or are just better with a mouse and keyboard.
    Big news would be Steam releasing an app on Xbox and PS4 that let people stream from PC to their consoles. Big Picture mode for Consoles.
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  6. Doli added a post in a topic What are your biggest Windows 10 bugbears?   

    Edge download manager stops when you close the browser (IE would open a separate download window if you close the browser) and doesn't resume if you open Edge back up. It doesn't show up in the past downloads but keep the partial download on your system. Any big downloads I have to open IE and use it's download manager.
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